Can I buy other colors?

The first production batch of locks will be silver gray; however, future batches will be available in multiple colors depending on popularity and demand. Let us know what colors you’d like! We have already tested the anodization process with multiple colors, and they all look beautiful. We can’t wait to show you!


Can I use Clever as a home-sharing device (e.g., airbnb, open houses, etc.) and with people I do not meet in person?

Sure! By setting up a separate user profile (e.g., a guest profile) and telling someone the passcode, they will be able to connect to your Clever lock and add their fingerprints using their own smartphone. No meeting face to face needed. Of course, as an administrator, you retain full control and may always delete or modify other user accounts.

How do user profiles and accounts work?

Each Clever lock has an administrator (owner) account that can add or remove user accounts and view access history logs. Regular users can connect to the lock to add and remove the fingerprints associated with their profile only. Each user (including administrator) account is protected by a passcode and works like any other login system.

How long does the battery last, and how do you charge it?

According to our engineering tests, Clever can be opened thousands of times without a single recharge. When it does run out battery, Clever recharges extremely quickly using any micro USB cable and smartphone charger. Plus, you can always view your Clever lock’s current battery life through the official Clever App.

What are its dimensions?

Clever measures 80mm x 40mm x 20mm (including shackle). With a 5mm shackle diameter, Clever latches onto just about anything: lockers at school or the gym, suitcases, handbags and more.

Clever also features a patent-pending “Swing Shackle” mechanism that allows the shackle to lock and unlock with no vertical displacementresulting in a lower physical profile for tight spaces.